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Westies in Snow

February 1st, 2007 Posted in Animals

We don’t see much snow here in the Carolinas. I was used to it back in Pennsylvania. Driving wasn’t an issue and we didn’t worry about the white stuff taking food from the grocery store. Down here “snow” means “go to the store and buy milk, water, eggs and bread like it’s the Cuban missle crisis.” You’ll be able to tell by the pictures that we got a lot of snow too.

By the way, it took a few pictures to make sure I wasn’t blowing highlights on white dogs and white snow. I took these with my 85mm 1.8D. I love that lens.

You go firstWhat is she doing?

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  2. By Erik J. Barzeski on Feb 2, 2007

    The problem usually isn’t blowing highlights, I’ve found, but rather getting far deeper blacks than you should. A snow scene, for example, requires exposure compensation of about 1 or else the snow comes out as grey because the camera meters for middle grey. If it’s a white wall, that becomes grey.

    But you knew that… :-P I like the first one more. The composition is quite pleasing.

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