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New Nikon VR lens

March 6th, 2007 Posted in Equipment

Nikon announced today the 55-200mm VR lens. This is the newest lens in the VR line and the first since the well received 70-300mm VR. The question is, will this one be as welcomed?

In short, not quite. Perusing some of the comments out at DPReview.com, a good percentage don’t think that this was worth the effort. I’m leaning that way too…but for only $249, it’s a pretty good bargain.

I’m a bit puzzled as to why they released a camera that is nearly swallowed by the 70-300mm VR and entirely by the 18-200mm VR -at the same apeture range. Sure, the new lens is a bit smaller and travels a bit better, but if I had to make a choice, I’d go with the lens that has 37 or 85mm more total range.

What I wish they would do is take their VR efforts away from a cheaper lens and make something more semi-pro…like some primes with VR or a 70-210 f/4 constant VR. Some of us can’t afford the 70-200 2.8 VR and the latter option would not only give us a good telephoto, but a lens that actually might be able to shoot a moving subject in lower light without breaking the bank.

The proof is in the pudding. Nikon, in my opinion, has a bit to go to catch up with Canon when it comes to the VR/IS lenses. Right now they seem to be trickling out of the factory in Japan.

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