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Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 DC Macro - and the D40x

April 14th, 2007 Posted in Equipment

No I don’t have one, but after reading the review in the May issue of Popular Photography, I wish I did. There are times I wish I could go wider with my 35-70mm 2.8 but backing up through walls is normally impossible. Not only would this lens give (I think) a more useful range, but a much better macro feature as well.

Instead of purchasing a separate macro lens, this could serve as one and possible replace the 35-70mm…but maybe not. Even so, for a street price of $420 and a review that says it pushes the legendary 17-55mm Nikkor, it has to be considered.

This might be the first non-Nikon lens I purchase.

Also, the same issue raved about the D40x. I’d rather have the flexibility built in to the D80, but it’s good to see that the newest version of the D40 didn’t sacrifice performance for a few megapixels.

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