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Paris Seen Through a non-SLR

January 13th, 2007 Posted in Places

I’ve been fortunate to go to Paris a few times. For the last couple trips I had a Canon Powershot A70 with me. It’s not the most powerful camera, but was more than adequate. In fact, it did a great job.

There is so much to shoot in Paris. Sometimes it causes problems in that framing and composition is difficult because you want to capture too much. I threw away more than a few shots because they were too busy. These are just a few of the hundreds I took while travelling in and around la Ville Lumiaire - the City of Light.

Click on the pictures below for a larger version.

Bridge on SeineNotre DameSacre CoeurSacre CoeurGateVersaillesLooking back at VersaillesGardens of Notre DameOld City WallClock of Musee d'OrsayMusee d'OrsayPyramid of the LouvreSunset at the LouvreNight on the SeineFlower MarketMetroWinding StreetMedici Fountain

  1. 7 Responses to “Paris Seen Through a non-SLR”

  2. By Debi on Jan 15, 2007

    wow i specially loved the black and white photoes.

  3. By Dave on Jan 15, 2007

    Thanks Debi.

    I really want to go back to take some more photos…and the food too. :)

  4. By Steven Shi on Jan 15, 2007

    I love these pictures in Paris and the special effect for opening the pictures.
    It’s so cool.

  5. By Dave on Jan 16, 2007


    Thanks! It took a bit of work but the Lightbox control really adds a nice touch to view pictures.

  6. By Alan on Jan 16, 2007

    Dave - These pictures are sweet. The colors of The Gardens at Notre Dame are so lush and vibrant. Very cool…

  7. By Josh on Feb 12, 2007

    Hi Dave, Great pictures! Got any good Paris suggestions for me? I’ve been there a few times and never enjoyed my experience. I’m heading there in May and looking for some good food/lodging suggestions. You know where to find me at…josh

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