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Adobe Lightroom

April 26th, 2007 Posted in Workflow

So I finally downloaded the trial version of Adobe Lightroom. I was prompted by the fact that my new D80’s NEF’s can’t be edited using Nikon Edit…and that it is an unorganized, under-featured mess.  Also, Erik had asked multiple times if I had tried it out.

So I did.  I came away pretty impressed after only an hour or so of use. I’ve never used CS2 and have had limited use with Adobe Photoshop. I not only like Lightroom’s feel but it offers a good range of tools that make workflow simple. I haven’t gotten into layers that much, so I don’t feel like I’m missing that much. If I need to add layers to a photo, I can get it done in photoshop.

Right now I need some organization and a way to get my D80 NEF’s processed and ready to print. I’m going to experiment a bit more, but I think Lightroom is a winner.

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  2. By Erik J. Barzeski on Apr 27, 2007

    Lightroom is nice. Familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts (D for Develop, R for Crop, etc.). You’ll need to develop your own hierarchy on disk (Aperture does the organization for you), but aside from that most of LR is upside.

  3. By Dave on Apr 27, 2007

    Erik -

    I’ve already had to start a heirarchy on disk because the Nikon software didn’t do it for me…so I’ve already half way there.

    Like I said above, I think that LR will take care of 80-90% of what I need. Thanks for the tip and nudge… :)

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